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The biggest lesson we have learnt over the years is everything is vacant or under-utilised for a reason. It's our job to understand why, and try to come up with solutions that suit the needs of owners and stakeholders, as well as those of the community and the environment.

While there is no silver bullet, we believe there are ways to streamline the process. This is why we spend our "spare time" trying to come up with turn-key solutions that can be easily and effectively adopted to bring life to land or assets. 

Below are three of our favourites, delivered by us with great partners.

Image by Ben Pitasky

Bark Parks

Activated dog parks with a difference that make a difference in our communities.


A subscription tree growing service for the property industry - and the planet.

Image by Justin Cron
Image by Ashton Bingham

Pockets of Green

A not-for-profit that transforms vacant sites into temporary open space.

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