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what do we do?

We work with public and private owners to optimise their properties and portfolios.


our services

We specialise in uncovering the hidden value of land and assets – with the aim of identifying opportunities to enhance their value and overall impact over time.


Our work goes beyond traditional valuation methods, applying a quadruple-bottom-line approach that is built to respond not just to the needs of clients, but to those of the economy, businesses, communities, indigenous custodians, and the planet.

We are not your average fancy-pants consultants. As independent contractors, we commit to working on approximately 5 portfolios per year. We work best when we can join a team, commit to a portfolio and deliver great outcomes - not just a scope.

  • Asset / Place Visioning

  • Asset / Place Strategy and Advice

  • Asset / Portfolio Optimisation Strategy

  • Impact-Driven Activation Strategy

  • Place Management Frameworks

  • Under-Utilised Asset Revitalisation / Activation Strategy

  • Short to Long Term Transition Planning

  • Alternative & Temporary Land-Use Opportunities

  • Alternative Land & Asset Valuation

  • Stakeholder & Community Engagement

  • Partner Engagement

  • Research & Insights

  • GIS Spatial Data Analysis & Place Analytics

  • Business Cases & Feasibility Assessment

  • Portfolio-Wide Impact Assessment

  • Project / Development Management


we are on a mission

To put under-utilised and under-performing land and assets To Good Use.

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our founder

Bec specialises in alternative land-use strategy and asset revitalisation, with a focus on medium to large sites or portfolios.


Her unique approach to understanding current performance, activation potential and overall value helps to guide innovative decision-makers who are seeking impact and profit. Data is key to this approach, as is spatial GIS analysis – with both featuring heavily in Bec’s day-to-day. Both are used to assess past, present and future performance in a way that not only gives clients insights and confidence, but considers people, planet and profitability.

But it’s not all reports and maps. Bec credits her background in placemaking and activation for her love of seeing opportunities come to life. This motivates her to not only understand performance and identify potential, but to support clients with business modelling, strategy and partnerships that help to see this potential realised in the short, medium or long-term.


As a licensed real estate agent, she also understands the commercial reality of vacancy and the financial constraints owners and stakeholders face during revitalisation efforts.


Bec is also the co-founder of Pockets of Green – a not-for-profit established in 2020 that is on a mission to work with developers and the State Government to transform inner city sites awaiting redevelopment into temporary, engaging, activated green spaces.



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