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Image Credit: Balwyn Community Centre, Reds Landscaping

on a mission to put land and assets


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what do we do?

We work with public and private owners to optimise their properties and portfolios.


our services

We specialise in uncovering the hidden value of places, assets and land – with the aim of identifying opportunities to enhance their value and overall impact over time.


Our work goes beyond traditional methods, applying a quadruple-bottom-line approach that is built to respond not just to the needs of clients, but to those of the economy, businesses, communities, indigenous custodians, and the planet.

We are not your average fancy-pants consultants. As independent contractors, we commit to working on approximately 10 clients / portfolios per year. We work best when we can join a team, commit to a portfolio and deliver great outcomes - not just a scope. 

We also thrive when we deliver strategy, not just write it - bolting onto project and development teams to provide place services and support.

  • Place Strategy

  • Asset / Portfolio Optimisation Strategy

  • Placemaking & Activation Strategy

  • Under-Utilised Asset Revitalisation Strategy

  • Short to Long Term Transition Planning

  • Temporary Activation Opportunities

  • Retailer Engagement

  • Stakeholder & Community Engagement

  • Partner Engagement

  • Place Management Frameworks

  • Place Management Services

  • Project Management Services

  • Development Management Team Support Service

  • Research & Insights

  • GIS Spatial Data Analysis & Place Analytics

  • Business Cases & Feasibility Assessment

  • Impact Assessment & Reports


we are on a mission

To put under-utilised and under-performing land and assets To Good Use.

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The Meantime Matters

We are proud to work with the team at Meantime to provide project managment, place management and delivery services for clients with places in transition.


New Global Partnership!

We are proud to announce a new global partnership with Biederman Redevelopment Ventures, the incredible champions of projects like Bryant Park in New York.

our founder

Jam on Your Collar - Hugo Lamb - The Spa


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Bec McHenry is an experienced director and entrepreneur with a passion for optimising assets and property portfolios. She is best known for helping clients address key challenges through the delivery of people-first, place-centric, impact-driven, and activation-based strategies and solutions.

She enjoys any opportunity to work with clients and collaborators across all areas of the property industry to bring sites to life in a way that delivers economic, social, place, environmental and biodiversity benefits. She is motivated to perfect the art of making the complex simple, and creating great places where people and planet thrive.

As the proud founder of Australia’s second ever B Corporation, she values profit and purpose equally, committed to leaving the planet better than she found it.

She is also committed to unlocking value from under-utilised or under-performing land and property for future generations through her work with Pockets of Green.

Unable to help herself, Bec will also jump at any opportunity to support different start ups, small businesses or not-for-profits who are out there delivering great solutions for the property sector or for the planet - providing strategic advice and insights as needed via Good Vibes. Reach out if this is you!



of time

A conversation series hosted by Bec,

Good Use of Time showcases good people who are making very good use of their time

on this planet. Soon you'll be able to head to our YouTube Channel to listen to their incredible stories.

Launching Soon!
Nominate a good person for us to talk to!
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