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our results

Increase tree canopy and reduce heat island vulnerabilities.

Improve walkability and access
to quality open green space.

Reduce land maintenance
costs and tax liabilities.

Increase activation and safety
within and around the site.

Uplift local neighbourhoods and improve surrounding property prices.

Enhance neighbourhood amenity and support local economies.

Enhance sense of place, 
belonging and 

Bring environmental, social
and economic policy to life.


Griffith University Masterplan

To Good Use are currently working in partnership with Urbis and Cultural Capital on the vision and masterplan for  the Griffith University campus in Nathan. In an enviable location surrounded forest, we are looking at ways the assets can be optimised to meet current needs and future opportunities.

Devonport Showgrounds

To Good Use are currently  working with the soon-to-be owners of the Devonport Showgrounds to develop a place framework and transition plan for the site that aims to guide it towards the visionary, sustainable neighbourhood it is set to become.

The Commons Impact Report

To Good Use are currently working with Small Giants Developments to prepare an impact report for their latest project - The Commons Hobart. The report will capture and share all their amazing commitments to positive impact on people and place.

Bec's past experience

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